Cruise Highlights

Since forming the group in 2002, The WestEnders has had the opportunity to perform extensively across the UK and throughout Europe in Theatres and Concert Halls. Not content with only dry land, we have also had many years experience of treading the boards ... on the water!

The WestEnders continue to have the great privelege of performing around the world onboard some beautiful Cruise ships with great audiences. Our work at sea has given us the chance to perform for audiences literally around the globe, whilst experiencing amazing locations, and a wonderfully warm response from our Cruise companions. Some of our proud highlights thus far include:

  • Inaugural Voyage of QM2 enroute to Hong Kong
  • Historic Transatlantic Tandem Crossing QE2 and QM2
  • Inaugural Voyage of P&O Azura
  • Transatlantic "Broadway Cruise" ('Musical Theatre Celebrated' Cruise)
  • Voyage of the Explorers (onboard the QE2)
  • West African Cruise (onboard the Caronia)
  • South American Adventure (onboard the QE2)
  • Pacific Cruise (onboard the Crystal Symphony)
  • Splendour of the Canaries (onboard the QE2)
  • World Cruise segment with Princess cruises

... amongst many other happy memories of our times "at sea"! Please click on the buttons below and take a look at some of our photos and reviews of The WestEnders from our performances aboard the World's Cruise Lines.

Cruise Company Links

Below you can find links to some of the Cruise lines with whom the WestEnders have worked:

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